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Welcome on the French Website about Moebius Syndrom.

Le Sourire de Déborah image

15-year-old Deborah has been afflicted from birth with Moebius Syndrome. This incurable genetic disease paralyzes the facial muscles. She cannot smile, nor move her lips when she speaks and has a fixed stare. Deborah is no longer a child that love alone can protect. She must cope with her handicap alone and build her life. In an exchange of letters with Paule, a woman forty years her senior who has the same disease, Deborah describes her daily battle against isolation. This subjective, intimate and committed correspondence takes us through six months in Deborah's life. And if Deborah is forthright with Paule, it's not merely because they share the "same disease and the same ups and downs that come with it.." It is also because both know better than anyone else that withdrawal into one's self is even more unbearable than their handicap. It is no doubt this conviction that allows them to give us access to their letters with no regard to propriety.

Réalisation : Hubert Dubois
Scénario : Stéphane Munka, Hubert Dubois
Image :Hubert Dubois, Camille Dubois
Son : Khaled Senoussi
Montage : Jean-Antoine Boyer
Musique : Hubert Dubois
Production : Galaxie Production,
48, rue de Paradis,
75010 Paris, France
Tél : +33 (0)1 4483 0727
Fax : +33 (0)1 4483 0725
Email : red.chef@galaxie-presse.fr
Co-Production : France 2
avec la participation de : France 3 Alsace

This documentary will be programed on french television (France 2) the 22th of may at 13.00

The 30th march 2004
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