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Welcome on the French Website about Moebius Syndrom.

General Assembly in May 2007 (Lathus, Haute Vienne) image

Since the beginning, the French Moebius support group is organizing its annual assembly during the week end of Ascension. This year, this meeting took place in a small village, on the road between Poitiers and Limoges.


This annual assembly 2007 was really important, because it was the 10th anniversary of the foundation. We would like to thank Letisserand’s family again for this great opportunity which became reality in 1987 for people living with Moebius syndrome to communicate with others suffering from the same condition. 


As usual, families met each other on Thursday evening for a meal, which was very welcome after several hours on French highways and byways. We had the pleasure to see Chavasse and Rochette families for the first time. The annual assembly itself had been planned on Friday, May 18th 2007. At the end of the meeting, Ms Pauline Gilbert, a speech therapist well known by families, did a presentation entitled “Speech therapy for patients with a Moebius syndrome: specificity and limitations”. Although accommodations were somehow Spartan, the “Centre de Plein Air Lathus” is a lovely place to practice watery sports. On Friday in the afternoon, we had a couple of hours to enjoy our stay at this place. In the evening after a dinner offered by the French Moebius support group, we squatted the dancing room of another group. On Saturday, all the attendees drove to Chauvigny, located at 20 km from Lathus. After a pique-nique, we saw a vulture show organized in the dependences of Chauvigny’s castle. In the evening we had the last meal altogether, before leaving Lathus on Sunday morning.


To summarize this general assembly, I would say that some of our objectives are at the point to be achieved (Shipment of our new brochure to all French paediatricians), but a huge work remains to be accomplished in particular to let French population know and accept Moebius people. The new Vice President, Mrs Christine Brand (by the way, thank you very much to Thierry Chevrot for his past commitment to the group), will definitely bring out new ideas for the future of our French support group.



The President of French Moebius syndrome support group

The 11st june 2007
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