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Welcome on the French Website about Moebius Syndrom.

Management of patients suffering from Moebius syndrome with speech therapy

Mrs Gilbert, well known by most of members of French Moebius syndrome Foundation, because of her participations to the 8th Annual Assembly of the Foundation and Walk for rare diseases organised in December 2005, has obtained her certificate of speech therapist on Tuesday 4th July 2006.


For information, she has worked on the management of newborns to adults having Moebius syndrome by analysing the interest of speech therapy in helping the first to suck/swallow and the last to be understandable by other people. I have got the chance to read her work and to be a member of her jury.


She has been congratulated for her great work by everybody at the end of her speech and she has received the school mark of 19/20, corresponding to the best score of all students at the speech therapy school of Besançon (France). Her work is the first in French, to explain what Moebius syndrome implies for everyday life of people diagnosed with it.


For her work, 45 families of the French Moebius syndrome foundation answered to several pages of a questionnaire, permitting Mrs Gilbert to improve the knowledge of this disease in France and to show the interest of speech therapy’s management of “Moebius”.


The last part of her writing has been dedicated to describe the management post – surgery (by speech therapy) of Moebius operated by lengthening the temporalis muscle, thus allowing these patients to smile.


In conclusion, Pauline Gilbert’s work has been validated by her graduation as a speech therapist, but is also an important breakthrough in the management of people suffering from Moebius syndrome, helping children to communicate better with other people as soon as possible, and by the way making parents think that their children will be easier integrated when becoming adults.



The 11st july 2006
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