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Rugby Match report COLOMIERS-DAX, 30 january 2011

On Sunday, January 30th, a rugby match was held between Colomiers and Dax. It was a match of medium quality which ended with Colomiers beating Dax twelve to six.

Perhaps do you ask to yourself why this match was special for the French Moebius support group. Only because this match was aimed at letting people know about the Moebius syndrome and for some of the support group members getting together with Jean-Luc Sadourny who used to play within the French rugby team in the 1990s. Since several years, the support group has been looking for a godfather being a model of fair play and able to show up esteem for our goals. It is all done with Mr Sadourny.

Before the match, a lunch was organized with 600 attendees or so and was a good occasion to explain what the Moebius syndrome is, what “Syndrome Moebius France” has achieved so far and the projects the support group has in its objectives. The rugby match was started by Dylan Mora, suffering from Moebius and Mr Sadourny.

During the weekend, the future agreement with Mr Sadourny was discussed and the organization of one gala match per year was considered. The first one is already in preparation and might take on August, 6th at Léon (Landes).


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